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 metta meditation
Transformative inspiration through the union of yoga and meditation
Yoga and Meditation with Shauna Jade Larson CYT.
Kootenay Yoga Therapy.  Nestled within a garden in the lovely Crescent Valley is a peaceful place that I teach personal yoga therapy and small group classes from. Instructing on a private basis allows me as a Yoga Therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your specific needs, which is taken into consideration in planning your personal yoga program. 
Yoga in your home. I offer personal Yoga instruction in the environment that you have created to relax and live in. I instruct individual with disabilities that make it difficult to travel to a yoga session. Bringing your yoga practice into your space creates a very personal experience of the benefits of yoga. The class time is on your schedule with no travel involved.
Virtual Yoga. I can stay connected with you and continue to support your practice from any location. This gives you consistent and personal fitness instruction even when travelling. The virtual classes keeps students connected with Yoga mentoring throughout all of Canada.

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"Shauna€™'s knowledge goes far beyond Yoga. Shauna uses her many skills as a naturopath, herbalist and a meditation instructor, just to name a few, to enhance and personalize the Yoga experience for each student!." - Doreen Kojoian
"Through knowing you and your specific needs I can tailor a program that is perfect for you. One that progresses with you".